Sprint selling

We consider sprints-as-a-service a delivery method that allows clients to develop their site with minimal effort for clients.

Instead of hiring your development capacity with external employee's, we bypass the sometimes tedious hiring and management process by simply selling a sprint.

The advantages of buying a sprint instead of hiring individual developers:

  • The team has experience with working together, knowing each others strong points and challenges.
  • Team members are interchangeable to match the used technologies.
  • Team management is a Team responsibility, with Kenti Tech supervision.
  • No on-boarding investments (hardware, accounts, internal software)
  • Up-scale ease.

You must have questions

How does billing work?

We forecast the amount of work that we spend on the coming sprint. This is based on the FTE we agree upon. After each sprint, we send an invoice. 

How do I control the team on their efficiency?

Simply said: You don't. We control output, by making sure we develop efficiently, positively, and with the passion we feel for IT. 

If our team is sub optimal, we will have a hard time keeping ourselves and our clients happy. Our main objective is to make sure you get delivered what you need. In that perspective, we make sure our team is optimised for this task. We need your business!

Where will you be working?

Communication is the most important part of keeping expectations clear and of high quality. 

If possible, we prefer to work within the client's company walls. Easy access removes barriers in communication. Additionally, team members will join virtually with webcam and monitor to make sure everyone is as close as possible. We will act as if we're your company.

Do I get what I pay for?

Preferable NOT! This depends on your trust in us.

We're developers that work because we like our job. We're developers that want to do more work. We're developers that spend time learning outside office hours because we feel the need to know. 

There is a choice to make:

  1. We have a fixed price for the amount of work we agree upon.
  2. We have a fixed price for the amount of work we try to finish.

These 2 points are almost the same, but they differ on one important thing: Flexibility. If we haven't finishing what we've tried to do, we take it up in the next sprint.

If we have a fixed price for a fixed output, we'll have a challenge on our hands to reduce risks.

Just ask yourself this: How would my own hired team handle this?

We consider realistic development a unique selling point in how we develop, it allows for flexible scope changes within certain margins. 

What is my role?

Before we start developing we will need a certain amount of things:

  1. Designated stake holder
  2. Design*
  3. User stories*

*:The design and user stories can be done together, we consider this as an extra service to smooth the transition to actual development.

More questions?

We're ready to answer all your questions! Make sure to contact us