We provide a team, not just a couple of hands, but a team that has worked together for a longer period of time. Everything that SCRUM has teached us, learns us that teams increase velocity, work speed, over time.

Short and long commitment

If everything is ready to start, but your development team has more then enough work on their plate. It's hard to get going. If only there's a instant extension?

No matter if it's 2 weeks work or 6 months. We’re ready, and we're not leaving.


The first day we start, we get the project scope ready. The end game is somewhere on the horizon. Together we prioritize the work packages. And after 2 weeks (sprint), you have a working iteration.

No work packages yet? No matter, we swoop in and get it right with our dedicated product owner consultant.

What we need?

Any requirements your IT department want to include is fine with us.

  1. Help you define your goals.
  2. Specify, goals into functional requirements
  3. Chop it up into small work packages
  4. Develop, based on your priorities
  5. We deliver, quick & fast.
  6. Ready for the next batch?

Practically, we sell sprints, and we'll make sure we're ready for it.