Portfolio and Projects

De Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) / Free University Amsterdam

The VU is a university in Amsterdam and is the largest university in the city. The VU is chosen the "best" university by the students in 2018. With more then 50 Bachelor degree programmes, and over 160 Master degree programmes, devided in 9 Faculties. They provide an education for 20.000+ students.


After a long period of focus on non-online channels. Kenti Tech was hired to help with the internal campaign to make the online presence a ‘business as usual’ rather then a project.  New projects began to take form, and we were asked to create a new website as an inspirational website.


To accomodate the quick development and fast delivery need, we were asked to choose a CMS as a tactical solution. We chose Kentico Cloud as tool matching our requirements:

  • Ease of use for content editors
  • Quick development capabilities

Development and delivery

With our 10 years of experience developing CMS implementations, the high quality Kentico Cloud documentation and support we were able to develop a fantastic solution in 2 weeks time with included delivery to pre-production. 

We managed to finalize everything ahead of time and delivered the final solution to production.

veranderjewereld.vu.nl (dutch)

Verander je wereld