Realistic Development

We work with you to a realistic goal. Your requirements are a means to an end and we consider it our job to do the best we can do towards reaching that end. We're not afraid to say "NO", but that answer will always be followed with a suggestion and a plan.

We do everything

Introduce a Team

No hassle with recruitement, No performance tracking. Plug and Program.

Sized for perfect manageable teamwork. With shared responsibilities, everyone is the team, the team is everyone.

You keep the convenience of having us close by.

What is Kentico Cloud

Kentico Cloud is a Headless CMS for clients.
Manage, display and personalize your content for any device or channel.
In one tool from any location.

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Rent a sprint team
  • Experienced standalone team
  • Full technological capabilities
  • Speed guaranteed
  • No team management required.
How does it work

Campaign site

Need time and resources?
  • Quick release time
  • Instant result
  • Connected to your marketing apps
  • Mobile enabled (AMP)
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